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COVID-19 ILL Updates

Physical Items Requests Resumed - 8/17/2020

We will begin requesting physical items on 8/17/2020. Please keep in mind that many libraries are not sharing their collections yet, but we will try to obtain your items from the ones that are sharing. Turnaround times for delivery may be higher than our usual 7-11 business days.

Renewing ILL Requests - 8/17/2020

We had been renewing all currently checked out items because lending libraries were not accepting returns, however, most libraries are now accepting their items back, so the ILL overdue notices will resume on 8/24/2020. All currently checked out items that are due before 8/24/2020 will continue to be automatically renewed. You can check the current status and due dates of your requested items in ILLiad, under Checked Out Items.

Returning ILL Items - 8/17/2020

We will continue requesting renewals automatically until 8/24/2020, but if you would like to return your ILL items, you can do so anytime you want using the bookdrop located on the right side of the library entrance, by the bike racks.

If there are extraordinary circumstances that prevent you from returning your loaned items, please let us know.

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What materials can I request via ILL during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are now requesting physical items (books, microfilms, media), as well as digitized items (joruanl articles, book chapters, etc.)! Keep in mind that turnaround times may be higher because not many libraries are sharing their collections, but we'll do our best.

How long will it take to receive electronic items?

Our usual turnaround time will be impacted due to library closures across the country. We are processing as quickly as possible, but please note there may be delays. Electronic items will usually arrive in 24-48 hours. The arrival of print (physical) materials will depend on closures at other libraries.

Can I request and receive eBooks?

Unfortunately, eBooks cannot be borrowed via ILL due to copyright licensing. We can try to borrow single chapters, however.

Should I return my ILL items?

If you have items due shortly, you may return them using the library’s book drop located on the right side of the library entrance, by the bike racks.

Will I be billed/fined for items coming due during the COVID-19 pandemic?

ILL staff are working to extend due dates (until 8/24/2020) and suspend recalls and billing to the fullest extent possible. Interlibrary Loan will not charge overdue fines for materials on loan from other libraries.

Have specific questions about ILL services?

Best way to reach us is via email: